Palm’s Pixi has been reviewed by various news services in the past. Most of these have little to no Palm OS experience, and praised the device’s keyboard.

The folks at BrightHand’s have a large Palm OS experience, and have ended up with the following – somewhat surprising – verdict:

After using it for a week I can say that it’s a very good value for the price, but it may not be right for everyone. The keyboard in particular is my least favorite aspect of the device. While it is adequate for basic texting and email, it isn’t really comfortable enough to use for long emails. Aside from that and the barely adequate camera and the relatively low volume for voice calls and the external speaker, the Pixi is a great little device that deserves a closer look — especially if all of your life’s details are already on Google and you’re a lot more interested in calendar, contacts, email, and the mobile web.

It won’t make headlines as the smartphone of the year, but it’s a lot smarter than your average featurephone and very easy to use. It won’t work for heavy duty corporate types who live and breathe Word and Excel, and are always needing to update their presentations, but it is a good choice for your average (relatively tech-savvy) consumer

Don’t ask me why Engadget praised the keyboard – I personally trust BrightHand’s reviewer more. Feedback from one of you, maybe?

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