MotionApps has asked me to add the following to the article. As I am a content partner myself, I know pretty well how much they get – but this is not at discussion here. So, Danijela, your statement is here:

I tried to reach you yesterday regarding the article I came across at but it seems that I had the wrong email address

However, please note that we still have Classic Store at MobiHand, and that Handango is just another channel through which we feature Classic and Palm OS apps on Pre.

Also, revenue share as you stated there are not correct. I am obviously not able to talk about our contracts with app distributors, but just letting you know that you might indicate that data are not confirmed.

Given that I don’t own a Pre, staying on top of the webOS market is – um – a bit difficult at times. Nevertheless, Classic seems to work just fine. The latest nitty-gritty is below:

First screenshots of Classic for Pixi
Palm’s decision to reduce the screen resolution on the Pixi might have made sense from a technology point of view – but it makes life difficult for developers. The folks at MotionApps have adjusted their program as follows:
palm os emulator for pixi News from Classic: Pixi support coming, now with HandAngo palm os emulator for pixi 2 News from Classic: Pixi support coming, now with HandAngo

Looks sensible – unless you want to get into gaming…

MotionApps now cooperates with Handango
When MotionApps first launched, they used MobiHand as backend for their applications. This was a good choice for all involved: developers got 60%, and MotionApps likely netted 18 or 22% of every sale.

Unfortunately, they seem to have switched to the less affordable Handango silently – I stumbled across the image below on their web site:
handango pre News from Classic: Pixi support coming, now with HandAngo

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