The folks at Aceeca’s have just informed us that the long-awaited MEZ1500 will not only drop soon – it will also be accompanied by a consumer device and a PalmOS version.

Even though the information has not been confirmed officially as of this writing, consider the list below your official information on the upcoming devices:

1. MEZ1500 CE
This device has been “coming soon” for almost 2 years, but is finally coming to market, scheduled for release the first week of March. This unit runs the Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 operating system. The MEZ1500 looks very similar to the MEZ1000, but features a QVGA colour screen, larger battery, side buttons, and additional wireless options compared to the MEZ1000. Of course, it features the trademark MZIO expansion port on the top of the device, for connecting barcode scanner modules, RFID readers, GPS receiver modules, and so on. It will support SD memory expansion also.

We should have a MEZ1500 CE unit here for testing with Satellite Forms in a few weeks.

List price on the MEZ1500 CE is expected to be $499, plus wireless options.

2. MEZ1500 Garnet
Aceeca is working with ACCESS (formerly PalmSource) to load the GarnetOS
on the MEZ1500, which will be the first PalmOS 5.x device from Aceeca.
Running on the same hardware as the MEZ1500 CE version, the MEZ1500 garnet
version offers a big speed increase from the MEZ1000, as well as the QVGA
colour screen, twice the battery capacity, WLAN and Bluetooth options, SD
memory expansion, and more. Aceeca expects to have beta units ready for
testing at about the same time that the MEZ1500 CE version ships.

Both the CE and Garnet versions of the MEZ1500 are built ultra-tough like
their older brother the PalmOS 4.x powered MEZ1000.

List price on the MEZ1500 Garnet is expected to be $499, plus wireless

3. PDA32 CE
This is a brand new handheld that is smaller and less rugged than the
MEZ1000 or MEZ1500 models. It is just slightly taller than a Palm TX, and
about twice as thick
. It has an ARM CPU, colour QVGA screen, but does NOT
have the MZIO expansion bus, so it will not support add-on modules. It
will have SD memory expansion, as well as wireless options. The first
version of this device will run the Windows CE 5.0 OS.

List price on the PDA32 CE is expected to be $199, plus wireless options.
That is not a typo!!

4. PDA32 Garnet
The same hardware as the PDA32 CE version, with the GarnetOS operating
This will be the first new non-smartphone, non-barcode-scanner
GarnetOS powered handheld released within the past couple years, with
multiple wireless options and SD memory expansion.

List price on the PDA32 CE is expected to be $199, plus wireless options.

The PDA32 models are expected to start shipping in April.

As of now, we have no images – stay tuned for further images as we get them!

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5 Responses to “Aceeca introduces two new PalmOS devices – one of them for consumers”

  1. Industry-standars are kinda slow to follow in general, but windows CE 5.0 and Garnet???

  2. Looking forward to reading a hands on review.

  3. The use of these Palms is to provide cheaper ruggedized handhelds for use in legacy POS applications. A lot of companies still use them.

  4. Hi Tam,
    Have you heard anything new on this front?


  5. Hi Baal,
    I am asking myself the same thing :(


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