Open house @ FH Hagenberg   visit us on the 9th of MarchDr. Schaffer’s Mobile Computing facility at the Austrian FH Hagenberg has produced quite a few really amazing projects (think Shaker Racer) in the last years; the knowledge of their faculty staff is top-notch and contains loads of Forum Nokia champions. Cutting a long story short: the price (free) is more than right – I am there for about 18 months now and am happy overall.

In case anyone of you feels like adding a Bachelor of Science in Mobile Computing to his business card, definitely consider these boys. As tuition is free and living in Linz is dirt cheap (900E/month max), interested German-speakers are well advised to visit their open-house day to find out more about how to get great education for a very low price…which is held on Friday:

FH Hagenberg Campus
Softwarepark 11
4232 Hagenberg/Austria

Open: 9h to 18h local time

Yours truly will not be around this time. However, it would be too cool to have a group of Tamoggemon Content Network heads at this university…

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