When Palm shipped the Centro, most of us thought that it would be the last PalmOS device to hit the road. While this might be true for consumer-centric devices, people willing to accept an “industrial-grade” device will be rewarded richly for their patience.

The image below shows Aceeca’s PDA32:
pda32 tnl Aceeca PDA32   new Garnet OS hardware

Specs-wise, this 199$ unit is pretty impressive. It has a 320×480 display, a 400MhZ Samsung CPU, 64MB of RAM and 128MB of NVFS. Unfortunately, it will weigh 196 grams and have the following dimensions: 128x76x25mm (5 x 3 x 1 inches). WiFi and Bluetooth are optional; Aceeca’s trademark MZIO cards are gone.

A preliminary spec sheet can be downloaded here in PDF format – stay tuned for further info as we get it!

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9 Responses to “Aceeca PDA32 – new Garnet OS hardware”

  1. Kaufen.
    Mit WiFi und BT.
    Haben wollen.

  2. Where is the handheld? They have not updated their website to show it.

  3. I’m not sure I understand the memory specs:

    SD Volatile Memory: 64 Mb
    Flash Non-Volatile Memory: 128 Mb

    SD cards are non-volatile. Did they just swap the non-volatile wording and the PDA uses volatile RAM? I’d wish so because non-volatile flash is slower.

    In any case, this PDA is more than I had dreamed of for my cave surveying app. We had been told it was QVGA but in fact this is a half-VGA format. And twice the usual battery capacity. Great!

  4. The answer from Aceeca to the question of the status of the development:

    – quote –

    Guten Tag Michael:-),
    Thank you for your e-mail and for your interest in our products.

    The PDA32 is currently in the final development stages and we have the Garnet OS loaded . There is still some work to do on the drivers .

    We should have our first evaluation units (Standard PDA32) within 1-2 weeks depending on how the software engineers go .

    At this stage, I have no information regarding the availability of WiFi and Bluetooth – I will make sure you are kept informed on this .

    In the meantime, let me know if you need any further information .

  5. As for the confusing memory specs, I checked with Aceeca who corrected:

    Memory RAM: 64 MB
    Memory ROM: 128 MB
    Memory Expansion: Secure Digital (SD)

  6. Hi Folks,
    thanks to you all for talking back!

    Check the front page – I just got news from Aceeca!


  7. I take so much crap at work because I still use (and love) my Palm TX. Today’s smart phones are either buggy, too slow, or to propriatory. This is exciting news. Palm OS lives!!!

    I wish you good luck… keep us informed.

  8. I need, and also like and continue to use my 7 year old Palm Tungsten T3 handheld. But with my work recently switching our mail system from Microsoft Outlook 2003 to Microsoft Outlook 2007, I am now not able to hot synch my PDA to my computer as the PDS is not compatible with MO 2007. Does anyone know if this Aceeca PDA32 is compatible with Microsoft Office 2007? If not, is it possible to transfer all the data from the Tungsten T3 to the Acceeca PDA 2?


  9. Hi Brian,
    I honestly have to admit that I have no idea. However, I have forwarded your questions to Aceeca!

    With best regards
    Tam, Hanna

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