AMD hasn’t had the easiest time recently – Intel’s Core processors are faster, and also more power efficient. However, the folks at AMD’s seem to have found a niche of their own: Upgradeability.

All those of you who currently have an AM2+ or AM3 motherboard are in for a major speed boost. AnandTech just uncovered new hexacores from AMD:
amd six core processor AMD to reveal six core CPUs

Developers will be especially happy about the new Turbo Core feature, as it overclocks the CPU if most of its cores are idle. This can give a nice speed boost on various developer-related things like emulators (which happen to be difficult to paralellize), and makes these chips a more than worthwhile investment if your system is compatible.

P.S. CPU buffs: hit the link above for further information on the Turbo Core technology…

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