sshot006 Brain training games not effective at accelerating everyday tasksNintendo’s original Dr. Kawashima game set off a brain-training craze: within weeks, one or more “brain trainers” were available for almost every mobile platform.

For those of you new to the scene: a brain trainer is a collection of one or more mini games, which require memory or arithmetics skills to win.

The BBC now claims that an university study found the following:

Tests before and after the training showed none of the interventions boosted people’s ability to do everyday thinking tasks, although they did get better at playing the individual games and the specific cognitive tasks these involved.

This means that while you do get better at solving the minigames, these gains are not transferred to unrelated every-day activities (unless you happen to need the contents of a minigame in your daily work)…

The image shows Resco BrainGain for Windows Mobile

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