Spam is an age-old topic. While most of us probably delete most spam messages on sight, there must be enough morons who actually read them or the whole game wouldn’t pay out for the spammers. have now created the image below:
spam perception How users perceive spam

Unfortunately, their method of gathering the data was not disclosed…but it nevertheless makes for interesting reading!

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2 Responses to “How users perceive spam”

  1. I actually have a couple email addresses that I just use for sites I know will give me spam. This way I just bring up Thunderbird and delete the mail from that account without even looking at it.

    I actually have several email addresses for different things like tech news, gaming sign-up and news, work, friends and family…etc.

  2. Hi Robert,
    I have to admit that this solution is too complex for me – I just hit the delete button on my XPERIA.


    P.S. I always was lucky so far…didn’t get too much spam!

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