The PDA32 is bigger than anything which Palm ever built. This alone makes the device predestined for good build quality – if you add its intended industrial audience, high expectations come naturally. Can the machine stack up?

At first glance, Palm veterans will note the DIA-enabled screen and the lack of application buttons:
aceeca pda32 hires+ Aceeca PDA32 preliminary review   physical

Indeed, Aceeca has given up on the traditional application buttons. Instead, the device has a power button, a fiveway and – get this – a brightness toggle. All the buttons are well-built:
aceeca pda32 power Aceeca PDA32 preliminary review   physical

Unfortunately, the black rim around the screen gets in your way when you try to hit elements close to the border of the screen. Being a right-hander, I had consistant problems trying to hit the scroll bar of the launcher with the stylus:
aceeca pda32 rim Aceeca PDA32 preliminary review   physical

The speaker and the stylus silo can be found on the back of the unit:
aceeca pda32 speaker Aceeca PDA32 preliminary review   physical

Looking at the top, we see an unusually large IR element and the SD slot:
aceeca pda32 memory Aceeca PDA32 preliminary review   physical

Whereas a MiniUSB port is lurking at the bottom:
aceeca pda32 usb Aceeca PDA32 preliminary review   physical

The stylus is ok, too:
aceeca pda32 stylus Aceeca PDA32 preliminary review   physical

Finally, a look at the side. If you look carefully, you will see that the bottom part of the case is textured for better grip:
aceeca pda32 side Aceeca PDA32 preliminary review   physical

In the end, the PDA32 reminds me fatally of the Samsung i780. A design by a genius – fuxated by small details. If Aceeca fixes the issues outlined above, the final release device would be a total killer.

Tune in soon to find out more about the screen.

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9 Responses to “Aceeca PDA32 preliminary review – physical”

  1. I’m not too broken up about the lack of application buttons. The only thing I use on my TX with regularity is the blazer app button. I just realized though, that there appears to be no browser icon on the screen. Also what is that big white circle next to the IR port (opposite side of the stylus)?

  2. Hi Baal,
    thank you so much for talking back!

    Two things:
    a) Currently, there is no browser
    b) That is – AFAIK – a headphone port which is optional

    Finally: I now have an X1, and don’t really miss the buttons as much as I thought when I bought the device…

    All the best
    Tam Hanna

  3. Have you taken it apart to see if the add on modules have internal slots or if they need to be soldered on?

  4. Hi Baal,
    as I don’t own the unit, I have not as I am probably not allowed.

    But I will ask…

    All the best
    Tam Hanna

  5. Where’s the brightness toggle? Software or button?

    Which stylus is the PDA32′s? The rightmost one looks my T3′s

  6. Hi Luc,
    the toggle is the button on the very right!

    The 32′s stylus is the white one on the very left!

    All the best
    Tam Hanna

  7. Oups! I didn’t even see there was a fourth stylus on the left. Your lab should pick a different background ;)

  8. Regarding the lack of app buttons, it may not be a loss for everyone, but it’s too bad this initially standard feature was not maintained over time. The same can be said of the otherwise universal IR port. My app uses app buttons as fast backward…fast forward buttons, and I later had to adjust to 2-button Zires, and now no button. In harsh environments, where the PDA has to be protected (like in caves), some hardware buttons are more convenient than a stylus for common tasks (like creating/saving a new record).

  9. Hi Luc,
    yes, the color is a bit bad – but I wasn’t able to find a frottee towel in another color which would not cover sth else.

    As for the IR: there is an IR module on the device!

    All the best
    Tam Hanna

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