aceeca pda32 hires+ Aceeca PDA32 preliminary review   final verdictThanks to our long-standing relationship with Aceeca, we were given access to a very early prototype of the PDA32. Due to this, we have refrained from performing system performance and battery life evaluations – the tests we performed on the beta unit are below:
Aceeca PDA32 – first impressions
Aceeca PDA32 preliminary review – size, 1
Aceeca PDA32 preliminary review – size, 2
Aceeca PDA32 preliminary review – physical
Aceeca PDA32 preliminary review – screen

Minor technical details aside, the PDA32 is an interesting device. It is huge – but has a very ergonomic form factor which makes the device comfortable to hold during use. The screen also is best described as very good.

On the other hand, of course, this large size makes transporting the device difficult. It barely fit my trouser pockets – which is a fact you need to keep in mind.

Compared to the TX, the weakness of the larger size is obvious. However, the 32 is more comfortable to hold and has the significantly better screen. Plus, it seems well-built, can soon be bought fresh off the assembly line and comes with a warranty.

As an industrial device, there is little not to like about this 200USD handheld – for size-conscious consumers, deploying this device is an option only if other OS’ses like Windows Mobile are not an alternative.

Stay tuned – we will update this review the moment we get a production device!

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5 Responses to “Aceeca PDA32 preliminary review – final verdict”

  1. Well, let’s see if/when this one will be available. A quote taken from Aceeca’s oct 2006 newsletter: “We are currently working on releasing a color Windows CE device and hope to have some evaluation units to ship before year end.”


  2. Hi bsp,
    this is a very hard question. Aceecas management has made some bad decisions, but has also chosen the wrong suppliers.

    As said, this is hard to comment on. However, I am pretty sure that the PDA32 is on the right way…

    All the best and thanks for talking back
    Tam Hanna

  3. While Aceeca hasn’t started shipping the PDA32, I have one test device in hand right now. Aceeca is still ironing out minor stuff in the (user-reflashable) ROM file and but I can assure you it’s already a neat device, with the best ever screen for a Palm OS PDA.

  4. Hi Baal,
    sorry for the delay in processing – big thanks for talking back!

    All the best
    Tam Hanna

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