We have covered Aceeca’s PDA32 quite a bit in the past – unfortunately, we still missed a bit of information on pricing, USB support and mass storage mode.

Cecile Mesmin from Aceeca has now answered the questions as per below:

What will the BlueTooth and Wifi options cost?
The price structure of the PDA32 will be as follows:
$179.00 for the basic model – no IRDA or stereo capability
IRDA (with high power transmit) – add $10
Stereo capability – add $10.00
Bluetooth Class 1 (100 meters) – add $10.00
Wi-Fi (b/g) – add $20.00

Will there be other models that are not rugged but are light weight?
We have no plans for other non rugged light weight models at this stage.

Will there be a 64bit USB driver developed for this USB device?
Yes, there will be, we are currently looking at how we can implement this. I will make sure you are kept informed on this.

Will the device work as a USB mass storage drive like (http://www.softick.com/cardexport2/)?
At the moment there is no mass storage support. We would have to probably
give Softick a device so they can port their card export software to it, or
we write our own. The latter might be 2-3 weeks work potentially.

Not much to add here…

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3 Responses to “Aceeca PDA32 – final pricing, USB drivers”

  1. Doesn’t really matter what the prices of Bluetooth or WiFi are, since you apparently can’t order a PDA32 with either of those options yet.

    I wouldn’t order a PDA32 without WiFi.

  2. I don’t know if I could get a large enough group to order a large batch of units. Too bad but I suppose someone with deep pockets could…

  3. Hi philpalm,
    thank you so much for talking back.

    Don’t ask me what the issue is with Aceeca’s PDA32 – if I would know, I would tell you!

    All the best
    Tam Hanna

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