Even though market analysis firms should be taken with a large grain of salt whereever possible, interesting bits of info can often be derived from their data.

Mobile Apps Briefing reports the following:

mobile users have the ability to download apps, only 39 percent of that number regularly do so. The survey, commissioned by telecoms infrastructure company OpenCloud, found that 38 percent of smartphone owners download free apps, while 50 percent had downloaded no apps at all in the last month.

According to the research, the “average” smartphone user has downloaded “only 14” apps, while one-fifth have downloaded none-at-all. In addition, a concerning 43 percent of smartphone users are not planning to download any more apps.

Even though no further data was given on why users are fed up with apps, I personally tend to agree with a statement made by a Great Ape Ltd. manager at an event many years ago.

He claimed that users become unhappy about low-quality apps, and then stop downloading new content altogether. Falling application prices lead to less developer time, well, you get the idea…

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