Governmental stupidity has given us more than one entry for our funny stuff category – the latest tidbits are below:

No DSLRs in Kuwait
Don’t ask me what problems the Kuwaiti Government has with DSLR’s – but the Kuwaiti Times reports that Kuwaiti individuals are no longer allowed to own professional-grade cameras:

The Ministry of Information, Ministry of Social Affairs and Ministry of Finance have put the ban in place. Start burying your DSLRs in the backyard once the Ministry of Interior join the club.

No phones for single women in India
The Times of India brings us a similarly smart move from rural India:

A village panchayat here has banned the use of mobile phones by unmarried girls, a move they feel would prevent them from eloping with their lovers.

Given the lack of popular physical action against government officials, I dare to accept bets on the fact that it won’t take long until we’ll have two more hilarious cases of governmental stupidity…

P.S. If you are affected, accept our compassion.

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