Traditionally, Palm, BlackBerry, Nokia and Windows Phone heads got their software from electronic software distributors. They – obviously – didn’t like the advent of manufacturer stores. MobiHand managed to adapt itself rather quickly.

PalmGear and Handango chose to combat the changing tides by ganging up – but two zeros do not make a one when banded together. This was best shown by their inability to unify the developer’s backends for literally ages…

The latest announcement from the boys reads as following:

2011 is already shaping up to be a monumental year. We have many exciting announcements we will share over the coming weeks including new distribution channels we are launching, new revenue generating opportunities, and new services for content providers.

To begin the new year, we will be introducing significant improvements to the PocketGear developer portal. Our first milestone of 2011 will be the launch of a unified, single developer portal for all PocketGear-powered storefronts. No longer will you have to go to both the Handango and PocketGear developer portals to get your content out to all of our channels. We will now truly be a one-stop shop.

Our response is a barely audible yawn – but given that today is a slow news day, well, ;)

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