It’s official now..!! More than 100 million people use an Opera™ browser each month on their mobile phones.

According to the numbers issued today in Opera’s State of the Mobile Web report:

90.4 million people now use Opera Mini™ every month and approximately 15 million people use Opera Mobile each month. In all, 105 million people use Opera on their phones.

“Experts all have some date when they claim the mobile Web will overtake the PC web – we’re watching that transition now,” said Jon von Tetzchner, Co-founder of Opera Software. “But, rather than think of numbers, we think of people. 100 million is the beginning of a new era for the Web. In the next few years, hundreds of millions of people will take their first baby steps online. They will make their voices heard across their country and around the world. They will not only discover new ideas, but contribute their own. We defend those voices and celebrate those ideas. It is why we believe access to the Web is a universal right, and no device is more universal than a mobile phone.”

We sure are to see newer browser for all the platforms at MWC’11

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