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Recapitulating many of the speeches and talks with other attendants, it looks like the GSMA’s motto of embracing the transformation was indeed accomplished: we saw little truly new, yet a lot of traditionally high-tech stuff is now on its way to price-conscious consumers.

From a device manufacturers viewpoint, the focus areas were clear: tablets with Android (one webOS) and loads of cheap smartphones using outdated screens. Power users were treated to a few dual core Android phones and a 3D phone from LG.

Speaking of 3D: industry pundits have long stipulated that content would be the the next battle area. This turned out to be true: hundreds of very happy content providers were roaming the scene.

Day four traditionally is rather useless, as most important people leave in the morning. However, the Fira showed an especial lack of talent this time: not only was security onerous as always, but they actually managed to have queues in front of most male toilets (!!!). (the supplier of the on-device catalog) didn’t shine too much, either. Last year, the app was just a disaster to use – this year, it wasn’t even able to display contact information or booth addresses:
mwc fail Mobile World Congress 2011   event impressions

If you add in the normal traffic queues and the onerous waits fort a taxi, you get a very tiresome event. This was echoed by more than one participant, who wished that the next event would be held at another city…

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  1. Queues in male toilets? Onerous? That is how you describe the event. Sorry I expected a bit deeper review :( This site lost a lot of quality lately, unsubscribing

  2. Hi Carles,
    thank you so much for talking back!

    I have to apologize, but a bit of the MWC coverage was stuck due to health issues on my end.

    Please tell us more about what we can to to improve the web site…

    With best regards
    Tam Hanna

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