A new chef brings a new recipe, and no, HP is no exception to this old-as-time saying (i dunno if it is for real, i just invented it..i think so). Addressing HP employees in Bangaluru, India, he vowed to regain “HP’s lost soul”.

hp webos logo 300x100 HP vows to regain lost soul, every HP PC to run WebOS

How does he plan to do it…?? Well the first and foremost thing that needs to be done (according to him) is to listen to his people, because

“The first thing I wanted to do when I joined HP was listen to the people. The rank and file usually know about all the shortcomings.”

The next is “WebOS” on every PC. HP PCs shipped frm 2012 onwards would have the genetic capability to run WebOS as well as MS Windows. This might have two effects, according to me:

  1. In the short run, the WebOS would see more apps. With a few thousand apps for the WebOS as compared to whooping millions for Android and iOS, it’s hitting two birds with one stone. Apps for the “PC version” of WebOS must have a counterpart for the smaller, mobile cousins running WebOS. Every developer would definitely want to see his/her app running on both PC and the mobiles.
  2. Challenge to MS and Apple: HP might be planning to be  direct competitor of both the companies. While it might want it’s users to give an Apple like desktop service experience, it might evolve to be a serious competitor of MS Windows in the looong run (two extra Os are intentional here, readers know why…!!).

Though I am not too sure of if what I hypothesize would ever happen, but I am pretty sure that users worldwide would welcome the decision of WebOS on PCs.

HP is the undisputed king of hardware in many parts of the world (at least here in India), so making inroads via software should not be tough, especially in developing countries where cost of original software is too high and people have to resort to piracy of some sort or other. A “free” OS should be welcome by one and all.

Stay tuned for more…!!

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4 Responses to “HP vows to regain lost soul, every HP PC to run WebOS”

  1. What I would like to see is a rather small server that all you WebOS devices would synchronize to instead of having to sync with Palm/HP servers. At least offer an option of syncing to your server instead of the one controlled by HP with no data stored on HP’s servers. I can see people not wanting their data to reside on a server not controlled by them.

  2. Hi baal,
    if you ask me, owning your data is the real value for HP…

    Why should they give this to you?

    All the best

  3. It is an opportunity to sell me more devices. If I don’t have the choice to keep control of my data, I still have the choice of not buying from them.

  4. Hi Baal,
    unfortunately, I fear that the few power users will not be worth the effort for HP…

    All the best
    Tam Hanna

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