With everything that gets old, there is a cult following which cherishes not only the old thing, but the memories associated during that period when that thing was at their disposal. Just ask a Palm fan and he will have at least 3 hours of non-stop commentary on PalmOS (with that obvious gleam in his eyes).

HP had decided to drop the files in the ROM necessary to run PalmOS on the WebOS 2.0. Reason simply being that Palm was old and outdated, it had to be disposed off. This didn’t go well with the “classic” fans, and homebrew gang felt it was time to do something about it. They couldn’t just let “it” go like this.

Precentral.net reports the following:

So has it been with Classic. Beginning in late November, forum member/webOS developer ArthurThornton began a discussion about getting Classic running on webOS 2, and then 2.1. Early this morning, he posted a detailed set of steps, including the files needed (and webOS Doctor versions from which they come), to get Classic working again; Arthur verified it on his newly-OTA-updated Pre 2, and other users are beginning to test as well (as will we).

thumb tall pre 2 classic WebOS 2.1 gets vintage PalmOS emulator, Homebrew folks hailed as heroes

This is the day of the classic palm lovers. Well since you know this now, you would like to know how to do it, so head over to Precentral.net and have a look for yourselves…!!

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4 Responses to “WebOS 2.1 gets vintage PalmOS emulator, Homebrew folks hailed as heroes”

  1. Many blessings on the Homebrew folks!!
    (Still need to use Pimlico’s Datebk6 for PalmOS.)

  2. If only there was some hardware to run it on people actually wanted. The Pre3 represents yet another evolutionary improvement on a dated, and somewhat undesirable design running on what amounts to spec bumped (though admittedly the bump is large) last gen hardware. And don’t get me started on the veer… that thing is just silly.

    Part of it, I think, is a lack of the will to really push the bleeding edge of the hardware. I, for one, want to see WebOS running on a 4.3″ screen on a nice sleek non-bulbous dual-core 4G device with a landscape keyboard (portrait keyboards, are simply smaller — squished to fit the aspect ratio where in landscape they can actually be stretched to fit a greater width), with palm branding! (:() and just as importantly as all the above… it should be released within days to one or two weeks AT MOST of the announcement date. To wait months in an environment like that which exists now results in a device which, already bordering on irrelevant, to be hopelessly out of date when people can actually get their hands on it.

  3. Yeah I think an HTC Evo style device with WebOS could have a lot of appeal if it had specs matching 2011 devices.

  4. One of the biggest Youtube beauty gurus is Juicystar07.
    She’s only 16. So your age is fine, no age is too young. ;D

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