Capacitive screens have brought us all kinds of funny input tools for use in winter: in Korea, some users even resorted to sausages in order to keep in touch with their friends without freezing their hands. MobileFun now plans to help out with its Dot Gloves – can they stack up?

MobileFun’s products ship in well-padded envelopes from the UK. I haven’t had any issues with them so far, as the contents have always arrived safely so far:
 MobileFun Dot Gloves for capacitive screens   review

The gloves themselves ship in a small plastic bags. Mine were marked as Large – a size I almost never need with actual gloves:
 MobileFun Dot Gloves for capacitive screens   review

Nevertheless, the fit of the wool gloves was relatively tight:
 MobileFun Dot Gloves for capacitive screens   review

Finally, a look at the actual product. The gray tips on top of the three fingers are the active areas. You must use these to touch the screen – the black areas do not conduct:
 MobileFun Dot Gloves for capacitive screens   review

We performed tests on a variety of devices with a capacitive screen, and had no issue with any of them. The devices remain usable with your hands in the gloves – and this is all you need.

Given the price of 18 UK pounds, there is not much one can expect from the gloves. They will obviously not verse your leather gloves in terms of looks and workmanship, and they will probably also do a bad job at impressing possible mating partners. Nevertheless, they serve their purpose perfectly – if you are willing to trade wearing slightly weird-looking wool gloves for more work time (and have small hands), they are perfect.

Expect to see them on Austrian roads next year…

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