The hackers (respect…people) are the core group of people who always challenge the limits, and ultimately succeed (though it might mean a few broken devices and more debt).

This time they have successfully ported Android to the Palm Pre. PreCentral reports of such a feat by one of their users:

While attempts to get webOS to run on Android hardware has thus far come up short, k3dar in our forums has performed a related and crazy feat: getting Android to run on webOS hardware. Specifically, we’re looking at the standard, no-frills AOSP “Android Open-Source Project” version of Android loaded up in a dual-boot scenario on the Palm Pre. There’s some funky keyboard mapping necessary to make the whole thing work (volume for menu, E for Home) and chances are most of you out there with Palm Pre hardware won’t be looking at an Android-based homebrew future anytime soon, but it’s nevertheless quite the accomplishment.

Here’s a video for your eyes:

Head over to PreCentral to know more…!!

PS: DO not attempt this if yo do not know what you are doing. It is highly likely that you would end up bricking your phone.

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