Good news for WP7, bad news for Palm. Both the smartphone OSes are relatively new (we are not counting the legacy Palm OSes here). WebOS had some ground before the WP7 was there. Our dear Chitika Research (the good ol’ number crunching company) has found the following info:

As of this month, it’s on par with the established (but slowly dying) webOS, formerly of Palm, now HP’s toy.  Since February, Windows Phone 7′s share of mobile web browsing has gone from 0.44% to 0.5% – still small, but evidence of growth that should make Microsoft a bit happier.

During the same period, webOS devices have declined from 0.84% to 0.53%.  Not surprising – the last webOS device to be launched was quite a while ago, and HP’s lineup of 2011 products hasn’t hit stores yet.

wp7 webos Windows Phone 7 Now On Par With webOS

What is more interesting here is that WP7 is still not on the Verizon (the same carrier which constitutes over half of the Android populace). When WP7 will get massively on the Verizon, these numbers might as well go higher up.

How well does HP tackle this competition is still something we have to wait to see. Stay tuned for more…!!!


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