webOSroundup, in an interview with Richard Kerris has given us a much anticipated insight into the app catalog changes that were promised but not delivered as of schedule. What does this mean: in app purchases and developer promo codes will be coming to the catalog this summer (we pray earlier).

webos bug1 WebOS app catalog to witness big changes

This is great in many ways. the developers and now provide their customers with downloadable content (DLC), expansion packs, discounts on other app purchases. The possibilities are simply immense. Whilst on one hand it would enable the developers to create more and more apps, on the other hand, the customer would be the prime receiver of the benefits.

  • Promo codes time table. The promo and discount codes are coming this summer or sooner. If you are a dev those are words you have been waiting to hear for a while now.
  • In app purchase are coming…this summer
  • HP is actively working on a way to remove geo-restrictions, but it may not arrive for several months.

Talking of benefits, there is also the mention is breaking the geo-restricion barrier that has been a hindrance to both the developers and consumers alike. We hope to see these geo-resriction “unrestricted in the future (possibility) versions of the WebOS.

Until then, do let us know your thoughts about this story. And stay tuned for more…!!


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