One of the remaining open questions after the takeover of Palm by HP was the question of – how much longer would the site remain up?

HP has now answered this question. If you visit, you find yourself redirected to

However, the design remains pretty similar – see for yourself at the URL below:

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One Response to “ gone”

  1. Kind of sad, honestly. They have succeeded in obliterating an entity, and a name, which many of us have supported for a long time. Whats more, they are using the last of the creations of that entity and name in a business model doomed to failure. HP doesn’t seem to understand that Apple manages to behave the way it does by a special and bizarre confluence of circumstances, and that they will not (nor would I like them if they did) successfully emulate. I believe that the market at least did have space for another player, but not with the kinds of devices HP is releasing and certainly not on the absurdly stretched time frame on which they seem intent to operate on.

    1) The Pre2 should never have been allowed to go to market — it was outdated at the time of its announcement.
    2) The Veer is a joke… An elegant, cutesy joke, but still a joke. Nobody wants a device with a screen that small. The trend is clearly towards bigger screens — they should release something on the 4/4.3 inch scale — and for the love of practicality include a blasted microsd slot. Only apple can get away with not having one.
    3) The Pre3 has elements of a good design, but it too was somewhat out of date on announcement and by the time HP casually gets around to releasing it, it will have no more relevance than the Pre2. It doesn’t help that they are doing that form factor to death.

    What I think they should develop: a horizontally sliding, 4.3″ screened device with at least a 2Ghz Tegra two, 8MP autofocus camera equivalent to its competitors, microsd card slot, streamlined, thin, and gently curved industrial design (no more pebbly, though perhaps with more strongly curved corners than usual… integrating some of the old palm V or tungsten design language probably wouldn’t go amiss either — elegant but edgy).

    Can’t blame me for having a wish list :p

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