There are very few number of cases where the corporations put their efforts for the betterment of humanity. Rest all the time they just care about profits.

One such case is the Chobe district in the Botswana. For those of you who do not know, Chobe district is one of the worst malaria infested districts of Botswana. And the traditional methods are exponentially incapable of controlling an outburst of malaria. What the Botswana Government did was to equip it’s health workers (as a pilot, already running since 3 months) with Palm Pre 2 and the Cloud.


The pilot of this project involves equipping health care workers in the Chobe district with HP smartphones that allow these workers to collect malaria data, notify the Ministry of a malaria outbreak and tag both data and disease surveillance information with a GPS coordinate.This pilot will run throughout the malaria season in Botswana. The future of this project is to expand it to all outbreak-prone diseases in Botswana and have the Ministry receive data of disease outbreaks in real time as well as increase the efficiency of paper methods of data collection.

Goal / Long-term Vision

To assist the Ministry with data collection and surveillance for dangerous diseases in areas with remote clinics that are without internet connections.

Stakeholders / Project Partners

HP, Ministry of Health, Clinton Foundation, Malaria No More, PING/BAPL, Mascom

The detailed diagram can be found below:

DiseaseSurveillanceMapping 262x300 Disease Surveillance & Mapping in Africa using Palm PreThe health workers can upload real time data, pics, map coordinates, notes and what not to the cloud for ready access and effective counter-attack to the malarial outbreaks.

The program is, as we have told above, a pilot. It will run for 9 more months. But the cream of the cake is that the next target for this operation is Polio and Pan-Africa. :)

Makes me smile…!!!!


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