We haven’t heard much from Access, the owner of the former PalmSource, recently – if one thing is certain, then it’s the fact that ALP never went anywhere (except into the garbage dump). Nevertheless, the folks just popped up on our radar once again.

Mobile Business Briefing now reports the following:

Japanese software vendor Access announced it has entered into a patent license and settlement agreement with Smartphone Technologies (an affiliate of Acacia Research Corporation) and Nokia. No further details were released.

As of this writing, not much more is known on the extent of the cooperation…

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One Response to “Access licenses patents from Nokia”

  1. Via Acacia? No, that’d be ACCESS licensing a portfolio of patents going back to pre-Palmsource days,to Nokia. (See, for instance, http://www.engadget.com/2010/10/08/microsoft-licenses-dozens-of-patents-from-access-and-acacia-in/)

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