IHS iSuppli does it again. This time it is the Touchpad that got under the knife. iSuppli has revealed the BOM to be $306.15 for the 16GB version and $328.15 for the 32GB version.

What’s interesting here is that HP is selling the 32GB version for $100 more than the 16GB version, whereas it only costs $22 more to manufacture the 32GB version.

The BOM can be found below:

2011 07 05 HP Touchpad iSuppi tears down the TouchpadAccording to iSuppli:

The TouchPad in some ways does closely resemble the original iPad, with its use of the same LG display Apple used in the first-generation iPad, and by initially offering a product that only employs Wi-Fi as its exclusive wireless connection,” said Andrew Rassweiler, senior director, teardown services, for IHS. “However, there are major differences between the two platforms. For example, unlike the iPad, the TouchPad does not try to push the design envelope with an ultrathin form factor or in the use of exotic materials. HP’s choice of plastic enclosure adds to the increased thickness of the device, which also results in the density of the electronic design being much lower compared with Apple products. Furthermore, the TouchPad also features a built-in wireless charging system, something we haven’t seen in other tablets to date.

Seems tempting, it sure does to us. Stay tuned for more…!!!!

2011 07 05 HP Touchpad Exploded 300x224 iSuppi tears down the Touchpad

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