Traditionally, apps have cost the same across the various distribution channels – developers ate the difference in margin.

Research2Guidance has now sent out the following figure:
image001 Android: app prices differ between stores

For me, two things stand out: first of all, Android apps are significantly cheaper than other apps. Secondarily, special-interest stores are even “cheaper”:

Full-catalog stores: independent stores that provide applications for all major mobile platforms, including Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Mobile, etc. Notably, full-catalogue stores are the incumbents of the app market, some having been launched way back in 2000. Back then the average app selling price was as high as US$20, with very few apps being given away for free. We have found that users of these stores are more accustomed to the idea of paying for apps, and the stores themselves are generally more focused on improving developer monetization opportunities, and offering a range of additional app promotion options, particularly when compared with MNO stores.
Platform specialists: niche stores concentrating on the distribution of applications only for a selected platform. These stores are relatively young, and only came into play within last two years, following the Apple App Store paradigm shift. They promote interaction among developers and users in their forums and offer lower average prices of Top100 paid apps than full catalog stores.

However, the general price trend for Android apps points upwards:

Interestingly, the average price of Top100 paid apps in Android Market is twice as high as the overall average selling price, US$6.47 compared to US$3.07 in June 2011. This means that many users do not mind paying a substantially higher price for what they think is a good application.

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