Qt provides developers with an amazing productivity boost – both Symbian and Android can be reached with one code base. In addition, applications can be immobilized onto the desktop with ease.

Tam Hanna, founder of Tamoggemon Limited, states:

“While desktop developers tend to get by with minimal native code, creating a mobile application presents unique and interesting challenges not addressed in the standard literature. This book thus is not only a tutorial about Qt, but also about mobile development”.

After a thorough introduction into Qt, the reader is introduced to Nokia’s open-source Symbian platform:
tam e7 Book out   Qt for Symbian and Android

Even though Maemo- and MeeGo-powered devices yet have to appear in numbers, the book already covers how to develop for them. The WeTab tablet gets a honourable mention, too:
tam n900 Book out   Qt for Symbian and Android

Finally, readers are also acquainted with Bogdan Vatra’s port of Qt for Android:
tam android Book out   Qt for Symbian and Android

Cutting a long story short: this book is ideal for all who want to save development time and effort. No perquisite knowledge of Qt is required, which makes the book ideal for C/C++ programmers who want to enter the mobile market.

Effective immediately, the book can be purchased off Amazon for approx. 30 Euros. It is furthermore available in most bookstores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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  1. Amazingly shameless and unprofessional ad.

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