Due to a little bit of restructuring at Tamoggemon H.Q. (yours truly now manages the newssites again), we are slightly late to the Amazon Kindle Fire party. Nevertheless, the statement below – currently shown to all visitors of Amazon.com – deserves notice:
kindle fire letter Amazon Kindle Fire   or   pricing tablets right

In addition to this, we also have the following leaked sales data from CultOfAndroid (said to be on par with the iPad):
kindle fire sold out Amazon Kindle Fire   or   pricing tablets right

What this means for the tablet market is clear: lowering prices is key to mass adoption of tablets.

Keep in mind that the form factor is not new – tablet PCs have been around for ages, and, at prices of above 2000 USD; were bought by those who needed them for business. The iPad lowered the price and made the devices accessible to style-conscious customers; the stunts by Palm and Amazon now make the devices become mass market tools.

This is due to one factor: a tablet can not replace a PC, notebook or smartphone. It, instead, is a “supplementary device” used for a few minutes a day. Pricing the device to hit this market segment will be key…

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