Samsung has been extraordinarily hard at work at making life easier for its developers – many of its services have already been unified with a single sign-on.

So far, SamsungDForum, their smart TV site, was not part of this scheme. This is now set to change.

The official announcement reads as following (emphasis added by yours truly):

We are greatly pleased to announce that the Samsung D Forum Website will be renewed on Oct 27th to enhance the website’s accessibility and usability for our developers.

Our goal is to make our SDF web site as easy to use for all our users as possible, so we are working diligently on processing all of the site renewals.

Our newly-renewed forums allow developers from all over the world to communicate and share their ideas and development experience with each other.

Also we offer newly updated SDK and technical documents to enable developers to easily create applications for SAMSUNG SmartTV Platform.

Furthermore, our renewed and redesigned guide enables you to easily understand and implement the SAMSUNG SmartTV Application.

Due to the website renewal and change in the *)Samsung Account policy, you may not sign in to our web site with your existing account.

When you try to sign in with your existing account, you may be asked to switch your account now or later.

If you want to switch now, you will be sked to update your basic and additional information.

Once you complete filling out all those information and proceed in email verification process, then our ‘Switching’ process is complete.

We recommend updating your information and completing the ‘Switching’ process as soon as possible.

Our site will be down for maintenance from Oct 26th at 10:00 AM to Oct 27th 10:00 AM (KST).

Samsung D Forum will continue to improve the web site contents and design to make our site more user-friendly.

Just so that none of you finds himself without the relevant documents in a stressful time…

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