This is yet another alert for all true Tam Hanna fans – if you want to see yours truly chuck cubes of chocolate in real time, you have to book a trip to DroidCon Amsterdam right now.
droidcon amsterdam logo Meet yours truly at DroidCon Amsterdam   Google TV, Qt on Android

The reason for this is short and sweet. I will hold the following two talks for your entertainment and enlightenment at this Android event:

Qt for Android and Google TV (extended session)
Session language: English

“The platform Qt has recently been ported to Android by a group of individuals, and is currently in the process of being improved. The benefit of Qt is – short and sweet – that it can not only be used on Android, but also runs on Symbian, MeeGo and various desktop OSses. This session will look at Qt from a beginner’s point of view, showing what Qt is and how to use it.

Increasingly thin margins put large pressure on TV manufacturers, who seek to maximize revenue by generating income via app sales – long after the TV set was sold. Google TV is one of the up and coming platforms in this field. Come here to learn about it and its position relative to its competitors.”

Find out more via the URL below:

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