When it comes to web analytics, it sometimes gives us extremely interesting insights – users tend to stop visiting web services if they have an app to access the service.

Data from Opera’s ad division AdMarvel now contains the following gems:

Windows Phone users are more likely to visit email and communications sites compared to users of other platforms.
Are Android users more educated than users of the other platforms? Maybe, as they are the biggest group in the Education category. Education includes the websites for universities and general education.
Android users are the least likely to visit social media websites using their browser.

Not much to add here – except that I never opened my webmail with a Symbian or Android phone…

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2 Responses to “Windows Phone 7 is a bad messaging platform”

  1. What a stupid view..

  2. Hi Mike,
    thank you so much for your strong oppinion.

    Could you maybe tell us a bit more about what you dislike?


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