Ages have passed since yours truly last decided to complain about the idiocy in the mobile world with a comic – but Research In Motion’s stock price falling below its asset value (!!!) is too much to take.

Sometimes, I literally wonder if there is some kind of group think which makes analysts bash on targets like a flock of sheep – if RIM would announce free admission to paradise tomorrow, it would probably be disliked by the daily press:
rim COMIC: RIM vs analyst idiocy

Do you consider RIM doomed?

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One Response to “COMIC: RIM vs analyst idiocy”

  1. Probably not doomed, though certainly in trouble. By rights, RIM should have seen the trouble its seeing now before Palm OS 5 started being seen as outdated (remember, Palm OS 5 was a more or less complete rewrite of the system to run on ARM procs, whereas at that point blackberries were running on the same outdated core OS from the early days (and they’re still using it today). Blackberry never really had technology going for it (except for their push tech)…

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