Localized apps are the future when it comes to China.

ABI research has published it’s findings, the excerpts of which are as follows

Providing localized features for apps will drive 5.5 billion downloads in China in 2012. An example of a successful localized app is Halfbrick Studios’ Fruit Ninja for China, which includes Chinese zodiac animal images.

Working with local developers and social networks is another way in which foreign developers can localize their apps.

Research analyst Fei-Feng Seet quoted

Regardless of device type, successful apps in the Chinese market are those with a local look and feel and incorporate local content.

China has the most cellphone subscribers in the world, and it is adopting smartphones at an exponential rate. With this adoption rate and the emergence of different app stores,  developers who add a local touch to their apps are at a chance of earning higher than the others.

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