In the Micro ISV space on the desktop, selling your company to a larger vendor is a very popular “exit scenario” for founders. So far, it has not been too much of an option in mobile.

Olga Steidl, long-serving press officer of the company, has just sent out the following:

SPB Software, a leading mobile software developer is acquired by Yandex (NASDAQ: YNDX), the leading internet company in Russia.

With this acquisition Yandex starts offering a key component for various mobile platforms – a user interface configured to integrate the company’s key services based on SPB best known technology – SPB Shell 3D. This move boosts Yandex’s opportunities to partner with the players in the mobile ecosystem.

SPB Shell 3D, developed by SPB Software, will be enhanced to integrate Yandex’s cloud services and technologies. In addition, users will have easy access to the company’s services including its search capabilities featured on a wide variety of mobile devices.

“Mobile is a vital part of our growth strategy. The acquisition of SPB Software creates new market potential for us and a plethora of possibilities for innovative solutions for our partners”, said Yandex’s CEO Arkady Volozh. “SPB Shell 3D is an ideal foundation on which to build up our mobile opportunity.”

“SPB Software is excited to join Yandex”, said Sebastian-Justus Schmidt, CEO of SPB Software. “This allows us to unite efforts in developing and marketing new cutting-edge mobile solutions. SPB Software will continue its mission to produce innovative mobile products of the highest quality.”

Looking back to past congresses, the UI system took more and more prevalence over consumer applications at SPB’s booth.

As to why Yandex buys the company outright rather than just license the relevant parts: don’t ask me…

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