In desktop computing, it is now difficult to find a single-core processor. In smartphones, the situation is not quite as strict – but dual core CPUs are catching on fast.

Berg Insight has sent us the following, interesting bit of data:

Preliminary data from Berg Insight show that sales of high-end smartphones equipped with dual-core application processors reached 60 million units worldwide in 2011. The first smartphones with dual-core processors were unveiled at the beginning of 2011 with sales starting in February 2011. One year later, at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, several handset vendors are expected to announce their first smartphones with quad-core processors. As quad-core processors gradually find their way into high-end devices, adoption of dual-core processors will accelerate in the mid-range smartphone segment.

Looking back at the time of the introduction of HT-capable CPUs, quite a few applications experienced race conditions due to the new “paralellism”. So, definitely test your app on a dual core phone…

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