When Palm first introduced webOS, many developers were wondering why in the name of god the company had chosen HTML5 as its application development platform.

Mozilla now plans to go along the same route with its Boot to Gecko product. It was demoed on a modified Galaxy SII:
1 Mozilla Boot to Gecko   webOS, reloaded

The idea behind it is to break the “locked” relationship between developer and app store:
2 Mozilla Boot to Gecko   webOS, reloaded

The most interesting feature: press the menu button to see the source code of the page:
3 Mozilla Boot to Gecko   webOS, reloaded

The boys also showed off a little 3D demo involving a smoothly rotating skull. Given the power of the underlying hardware, this is not too surprising:
4 Mozilla Boot to Gecko   webOS, reloaded

A little demo video, for completeness’s sake:

Given that the product is intended for ultra low end handsets (600MhZ, 256MB of RAM) and that Telefonica plans to release such a handset by the end of the year, things could become interesting…

P.S. Just in case anyone wonders: they still advertise FireFox for Android:
5 Mozilla Boot to Gecko   webOS, reloaded

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