When looking at the recent flurry of media reports about apps stealing more or less “useless” data about random individuals, I sometimes wondered if we are looking at a redux of “internet addiction”. After all, the data of a random user sitting in a random country, well, you get the idea…

I have now found the following in my inbox. To save you the reading effort, it is from a company which offers me a list of Android users to spam at will:


Greetings of the day, I was reviewing your website and thought might be intrested in our Android Users database , by which you can expand your reach and widen your client base. We mantian 1.2 Million contacts with complete information.

We have an exclusive database of verified contacts by Industry, Job Titles and Geography…

Data Quality and Details:

Data Fields: Contact Name, Company name, Job Title, Website, Industry, SIC Code, Email address, Direct mail address, Telephone number, Revenue Size, Employee Size, etc.

Last date of data update: 24th Feb 2012

Acceptance rate: 100% permission based contacts

Usage License: Once you purchase the list you can use it for multiple times, no restrictions

Multi-Channel Marketing: The list can be used for Email Marketing, Direct Mail Marketing, Fax Marketing and Tele Marketing

Accuracy Guarantee: 90% accuracy on data

Legal Compliance: WE are in compliance with the CAN SPAM Act, 2003 and DMA

Please let me know your thoughts towards procuring or using our Android Users Email List.

To Your Success!

Urp Burp

Business Development Coordinator

Any other “innovative” ideas for snooped data, anyone?

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