One of the things which truly make me happy every day are the long-term readers of this blog network – even though we currently go through troubled times, expect a lot of positive changes very soon.

Phil Drummond, one of our long-term readers, has now sent in a question why we no longer break down the top lists provided to us by Krusell – in the past, we had these nice pie charts showing the distribution.

Sadly, this no longer makes sense – blame Apple. The Cupertinians, having but two or three products in the market at any given time, would usually end up with but one slot in the pie.

Visually, this would be totally misleading as the iPhone tends to outsell most if not all “individual” Android devices and would thus need a significantly larger part of the pie to make the chart proportional once again.

With that, I hope to have answered that question – stay tuned!

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