When it comes to press releases in the mobile space, the trigger events tend to be pretty clear: release, update and one million downloads. However, it can also make perfect sense to tie in with real-world events.

A company called BuddyCalc has now sent out the following release, mocking a recent US Government scandal:

Hookergate is obviously not an ‘event’ we would necessarily want to link to our Apple iPhone/iPad app ‘BuddyCalc’, but in this case it could have been a smart move to use BuddyCalc PRO in order to avoid any discussions afterwards over who paid what and who owes whom how much! BuddyCalc PRO handles cost sharing events, keeps track of expenses and makes dividing up costs between your friends easy. You can even allocate cost items to individuals if you do not want to share these specific expenses.

Brussels, Belgium – BuddyCalc PRO, released in January 2012 and last updated on 21 March, handles cost sharing events, keeps track of expenses and makes complex calculations among friends a thing of the past. Its little sister App, BuddyCalc Free with a 5 star rating in the App Store, can be used for simple cost-sharing calculations among friends and handles one event at the time.

Even though such a release is unlikely to ever run on a mobile computing news site, it has a realistic potential to be picked up by larger news media.

So, why not take a stab next time?

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