Long-term followers of this blog will likely remember Ryan Rix – he did a lot of coverage of all kinds of PalmOS stuff for us in the past.

Now, he is scheduled to speak on Enyo, which is the recently open-sourced application development framework of webOS. He describes the talk as following (note the mention of Qt :) ):

Simple things like that. And we’re planning on building most of that by next month. That’s only possible because Enyo has a great community behind it constantly developing cool new toys and addons for it, so there’s a ton of things that we can do already, and a lot more being written daily. And when you’re all ready to launch, you can take a single source repo and deploy it to a webserver, or a webOS device, or wrap it in PhoneGap and deploy it to Android, or iOS. It’s a pretty powerful toolkit. For me, it’s much like Qt, but using web technologies instead of native technologies: Code once, compile and deploy anywhere.

Find out more via the URL below:

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