This is a public service alert to all Hutchison customers who are currently in Austria: Hutchison Austria has a major network outage! In most parts of Western Austria, networks are not operational!

As of this writing, it is not known when normal operations will resume. For Austrian customers, sometimes, fall-back to A1 will work by enforcing GSM usage rather than 3G if you are OUTSIDE of a city.

For all customers reading this via 3LikeHome: it is highly likely that this will be charged fuzlly, as 3LikeHome is not available on all non-Hutchison networks. So, better disconnect for a few hours.

Not much to add here for now…

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One Response to “PSA: Hutchison (Three) Austria faces major network outage”

  1. Its 22:11 and Three in Vienna down since about 13:00.

    I am really damn pissed and as soon as it is working again i swear i give them one hell of a call…

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