In what can only be considered an extremely strange twist of fate, a new Palm OS application has just been released by Dmitry Grinberg.

He has just posted the following to

Run this on a OS5 device with bluetooth
While it’s running, your device will act as an A2DP sink (meaning you can stream music to it over bluetooth). Plug it into some speakers and you get a cheapo-Jambox

Free for you all, for old times’ sake

(This will not work too well on the T|E2 since it runs its BT UART too slow to work in a good quality). Tested with T|X and LifeDrive < -> Android & iPhone

I suggest making device discoverable in preferences

Not much more to add here…

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2 Responses to “Dmitry Grinberg releases new Palm OS app – use PDA as A2DP speaker”

  1. The logic seemed simple: palms are now cheap enough on eBay that you can afford to use one as a bluetooth speaker cheaper than buying a bluetooth speaker.

  2. And if you take your old Treo, hook up a pair of powered speakers (with an adaptor) you’ll have a darn good wireless speaker solution! Who needs Airplay

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