So far, I have been a big fan of Steve Ballmer – he has, largely, shown a very good understanding of developers and licensees. However, this is written in past tense – marvel at the device below.
mssurface Microsoft Surface tablet   committing suicide, one by one

I do not see it as my job to comment the specifications. The device has a much more significant impact which will be felt all over the world: it is likely to alienate all, literally all, licensees which Microsoft still has.

You must keep in mind how past product launches were handled by Steve Ballmer – when Windows Mobile 6.5 was announced at the MWC, a TON of licensees were on stage at least shortly. Microsoft’s policy was easy: we build the OS, you do the rest.

Past anti-competitive practives of Microsoft have taught Microsoft’s partners a significant license: it is totally insane to run against a vendor where MSFT is successfully active.

The effect of this is clear: Android, and possibly even Symbian or webOS might soon get a lot of extra attention as vendors look for new platforms where they can rebase their devices.

After having largely damaged its market share in Windows Phone, they are likely to do the same in the tablet and maybe even notebook spaces – in short, the market has just heated up a lot.

What do you think?

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