When talking about large markets for mobile apps, most developers immediately think about the USA. Sadly, this is not entirely true anymore – huge amounts of money can also be made “offside” the well-trodden path.

Distimo has now brought us the following bits of truly fascinating information:

• Excluding the East Asian countries, Russia, Brazil, Mexico and Turkey are the fastest
growing markets in terms of revenues generated in the Apple App Store for iPhone
with yearly growth rates that range between 54% and 115%.
• The growth in app revenue in Russia, Brazil, Mexico and Turkey since September
2011 ranges between 76% and 91% in the Apple App Store for iPad. For Russia, the
growth in revenue in Google Play is 250% – more than twice the growth rate of the
• Only 4% of all apps in the Apple App Store for iPhone are available in Russian,
however, 70% of the revenue from the top 100 are made by localized apps.
• Paid apps are not popular in Turkey: only 2 paid apps are downloaded for every 100
downloaded free apps.
• More than half of the revenue is generated by free apps with in-app purchases in
Turkey and Russia. Alternatively, in Mexico and Brazil, paid apps without in-app
purchases is the most successful business model. purchases is the most successful
business model.

As always, find out a bunch of graphs in the PDF which can be obtained via the URL below:

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