Even though Adobe’s AIR and Flash products are compiled, it is relatively easy to decompile the results back to source code.

So far, embedding binary SWF files helped to some extent. This is now, however, over:

* New version is able to decompile SWF files embedded into a SWF file as binary data (nested SWF files)

Just in case anyone wants to know who the firm is:

Through the years, Flash Decompiler Trillix received numerous raving reviews and comments and multiple awards from software catalogues. Recently, Eltima Software released Flash Decompiler Trillix 5.3 for Mac with the ability to decompile nested SWF files, Adobe AIR applications, and with support for Adobe Flash Professional CS 6 and TLF texts. Since version 5.3 Flash Decompiler Trillix supports Mac OS X 10.8.

Not much to add here – consider Flash code to be as visible as JavaScript…

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