HP’s Open webOS team is hard at work getting its operating system on the road.

The latest Open webOS status update contains the following statement:

Existing devices cannot be supported because of those many proprietary components, including graphics, networking and lack of drivers for a modern kernel (but of course, there is the Community Edition for those interested in improving the TouchPad).

From my point of view, this is a total disaster. To sustain developer attention, the population must be as large as possible – omitting some who are already commited is a very, very, very bad decision.

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2 Responses to “No Open webOS for existing devices”

  1. Agreed. However, if they can cook up a image that will work on my Galaxy Nexus which Verizon has forsaken, and that can support existing apps on the HP catalog, then I’ll merely have the most powerful webOS device to ever exist.

  2. Since they’re aiming at a 3.3 Linux-Kernel no current Smartphone would be able to run openWebos. And *that’s* an even worse thing…

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