At the Tamoggemon Content Network, the data from the Swedish case manufacturer Krusell has always been particularly popular – after all, it is one of the very few indicators which indicate what “common users” want.

We have just received new data for July 2012. As always, the full list is as following:

PRESS RELEASE – Krusell – TOP-10 selling phones for July 2012.

1. (1) Samsung Galaxy i9300 SIII
2. (2) Apple iPhone 4/4S
3. (3) Sony Xperia S
4. (7) Sony Xperia U
5. (4) Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II
6. (9) HTC One X
7. (6) HTC One S
8. (-) Sony Xperia Go
9. (8) Samsung GT-B2710 / Xcover 271
10. (10) Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc/Arc S
() = Last month’s position.

Samsung S3 keeps the first place for the second consecutive month, at Krusell’s top seller list for July. The mix of brands that we have on the list this month, is a bit surprising, says Ulf Sandberg Managing Director at Krusell. This month we have four Sony units, after the entrance of the new Xperia Go on the list. My forecast for August is that we will still have Samsung in the lead one month a head, even if we already have started to receive pre-orders on the new iPhone model.

P.S. Please keep the post “Why we don’t break Krusell data down at an OS level” in mind when looking at the data.

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