When HP spun out its webOS division into a company called GRAM, many expected the platform to fade away silently. However, it looks like this could not be further from the truth – LG is now evaluating to use the system for its smart TVs.

webOSNation now reports the following:

As for why LG is opting to pursue Open webOS for the smart television lineup, we’ve been told that they aren’t comfortable with Google’s terms for using Google TV (let alone the adoption rate of Google TV) and fear what Apple could accomplish if they were more aggressive in the TV market. So while Open webOS may not be LG’s property, it’s something that they can do with as they please, and with the willing assistance of HP/Gram.

For LG, this makes good sense – the current “basic” systems used by Samsung and other manufacturers are likely to have limited shelf life as they do not support native code…

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