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The Palm Pre will arrive on June 6th. On this date the device will be available in all Sprint stores in the US. Best Buy, Radio Shack and selectecd Wal Mart stores will sell the Pre as well. According to Palm the price for the device will be $199.99 (after rebates etc).
The release date for europe was not mentioned.


The new version of PocketTunes brings various new things – TamsPalm will take a look at it.
One of the new features is the possibility to use the services of with pTunes.
(What is is a online radio and music community – more information has Wikipedia:

lastfm 300x187 PocketTunes 5   whats new? (1)

The configuration is easy: via “Tools” =>”” the settings dialog opens:

pt5 133x200 PocketTunes 5   whats new? (1)

Here one has to enter username + password and enable “Enable Scrobbling” – now support is activated. But be careful: enabling the funtion requires a network connection so that pTunes can submit the played songs immediately – submitting later won’t work.
An other new feature is the support of WMA streams. I’ve tested the new function with the local radiostation of Dortmund: Radio 91.2: it worked really great:

912 177x200 PocketTunes 5   whats new? (1)

After entering the URL (picture) pTunes connected, buffered and started playing:

pt50000 133x200 PocketTunes 5   whats new? (1)

A difference to MP3 streaming is not noticable – you won’t notice if you’re listening a MP3 or WMA stream.

Additional new features will follow in the next part of the review – stay tuned!

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Installing new rintones on your Treo/Centro isn’t really difficult unless you use the right programs. RNS:: has produced such an nice little program: TopNewRingtones. The software allows you to add any external file (supported formats: MP3, WAV, MIDI, AMR) as ringtone into the PalmOS ringtone database.
The utilization is simple. On launch you have the choice between importing single songs or all songs from a specified folder.
tnt New ringtones for your Treo/Centro
Regardless which method you choose you will see a file browser window similar to this one:
tnt0000 New ringtones for your Treo/Centro
Here you have to choose your music file or folder. The “ok” button starts the importing process.
tnt0001 New ringtones for your Treo/Centro
After everything is finished you have the choice to change to the sound preference panel and apply the newly imported songs to any event (e.g. incoming call, new text message etc).
Before importing you should prepare your files:
Normally a MP3 file is relatively big in size. This is not very disadvantageous as your phone has got limited storage and the files are loaded into RAM. It is advisable to reconvert you files at first. This can be done with tools like audacity or BonkEnc by reducing the quality (through lowering e.g. the bitrate).

If you want to test the software before buying you can download a trial from the developer’s homepage. The full version costs $9.95 and can be purchased through several vendors.
Product page TopNewRingtones:

There are a lot of Treo cases on the market but how about a case which can be customized by you?
Well, if you search for such a case you should have a look at cases by Fortte. I tested the Leather PDA Case Lateral Pouch for Palm® Treo™ 650 for some weeks. The price for the case starts at $24.99. When purchasing you have got many possibilities to customize your case:
You can choose the color, the type of the clip at the back (fixed clip, belt loop, wrist strap, Heavy Duty Removable Ratchet Clip, Removable Low Profile Ratchet Clip or without any clip), the style of the Fortte logo, and if you want, a personal embossing.
I’ve choosen the following “configuration”:

- color: Navy Blue (+10$)
- clip: belt loop (+4$)
- style of the Fortte logo: Silver Tone
- no personalization
whole case: $ 38.99

Finally the case looks like that:
100 2577 300x225 A stylish case for your Treo

The Treo fits exactly into the case and stays there, even if you open it and hold it upside-down:
100 2579 300x225 A stylish case for your Treo
100 2580 300x225 A stylish case for your Treo

When the Treo is inserted, the case stays small and handy. In that way you nearly won’t realize that it is there when it is attached to your belt.
100 2581 300x225 A stylish case for your Treo

And that’s how it looks from the back:
100 2582 300x225 A stylish case for your Treo

During my test I noted the following things:
- very durable and significant case (made from real leather)
- stylish look and feel
- small in size

- As the case is opened on the top it can be difficult to get your Treo when the case is under your jacket
- The case has no place for a SD card. So you have to look for an alternative place when you use more than one SD card.

The case is available via Fortte – the price starts at $24.99. In my opinion the case is worth its money :D

What do you do if you are on the go and you are running out of power with your mobile devices? Well in the worst case your devices stop working – but you are lucky if you are having the “Universal Slim USB Car Charger” from usbfever. With this little thing you are able to charge any device in your car – but only if it can be charged via USB:
100 2509 Need power on the go?
As you can see the charger has got an USB port and a connection for the cigarette lighter of your car.
Connect your device with the USB Port, put the charger into the cigarette lighter and voilà – your device is charging. It is normal that your device won’t charge in the time as a normal charger does. Some devices can’t be charged through USB. So it is better to test it out before. How you can do it? Well, simply attach it at home to any USB port of your computer/laptop and see if it charges. If it does it will with the car charger, too.
For example I couldn’t charge my Treo 650 through USB but my TX worked fine => same behavior with the car charger.
All in all the charger is a very good addition for those who are frequently on the go with few power outlets in range. For those who are using their mobile as a navigation device the charger could give you some extra hours of operation time.

The charger is available for the reduced price of 0.01 $ (former price 9.99 $) via
Note: because of this very low price the quantity is limited to 1 pc/customer!

Universal Slim USB Car Charger product page

When using your Treo Smartphone every day you might ask how you can protect your device from scratches, crushes etc. One possibility is the Proporta leather case for the Treo 650.

 The Proporta leather case for the Treo 650  The Proporta leather case for the Treo 650

The case consists of leather and a piece of aluminium in the lid which gives some extra stability and protects the screen from crushes. In addition the lid holds a small pocket for one SD or MMC card.

 The Proporta leather case for the Treo 650

At the back you can find a small hole with a screw for the belt clip which consist of two parts: a small part which can be clipped to you belt and another part which will be attached to the back of the case. To do so unscrew the screw and fasten the part of the clip. Be sure that it is attached strong enough.

 The Proporta leather case for the Treo 650  The Proporta leather case for the Treo 650

Insert you Treo into the case by simply pushing the device into the clamps – they are strong enough to keep it in place. Now you can close the case and clip it into the clip. To remove the case from the belt simply push at the button on top of the belt device. This removes the lock and you can pull the case out of the clip.

 The Proporta leather case for the Treo 650

But what when you want to use the camera or you have to perform a reset?
In the first case you have to remove the Treo from the case as it does not have a hole for the camera eye. If you do not want to remove it you can try to pull down the lid as much as possible so that nothing of the case is in the picture. But here it depends on how you placed you Treo in the case.

For a reset you have to remove the Treo out of the case (even if you have got a small hole in the battery lid which should avoid opening it) in order to open the battery lid which gives access to the reset button.

So lets have a look at the results:
- good manufactured
- very good screen protection because of aluminium lid
- easy to attach/remove from belt
- appearence significant

- camera can be difficult to use
- only one pocket for one SD card

The case costs 26.95 £ (~42$ / 33€) and is available via Proporta:

The proporta leather case (

Nowadays one can’t have enough memory: Wikipedia, TomTom, music, videos – everything is eating a lot of memory. A 2GB or 4GB SD card is not enough for these requirements. What you need is more storage.
Now it is possible to have up to 32GB (external) storage which should be enough for most users!
All you need is a SDHC card an the new SDHC driver by Dmitry Grinberg.
Installing the driver is pretty easy: just install it on your device and run it once – thats it.
I tested the driver on a TX, T5 and Zire72 with a 8GB Transcend SDHC card. On every device the driver worked without problems. Just the filesystem of the card caused problems on the T5 and Zire72 as it was formatted with FAT32 which couldn’t be read by those devices natively. The issue can be solved by installing a FAT32 driver which can be downloaded from Dmitry’s site:
In addition the default card info application will report wrong values for cards greater than 4GB. You’ll need the application ‘CardSize’ from the link above to get correct values.
The write and reading speed with the SDHC driver is faster than with the Palm drivers (according to the benchmark – however you won’t notice it in practice).
Have a look at these two benchmarks:
cardspeed sdc 6b100c076b1 129x200 Not enough memory? Thats a thing of the past now!  cardspeed sdc v10 6b59 129x200 Not enough memory? Thats a thing of the past now!
The first picture shows the speed result of my normal 4GB SD Card with the original Palm driver. In the second picture you can see the speed of the same card – but now with the the SDHC driver: the speed increased significantly.
Now look at the speed of the SDHC card:
cardspeed sdc v10 4737 129x200 Not enough memory? Thats a thing of the past now!
As you can see the speed is even faster than the normal SD card. But when working with the card I didn’t realise a big difference between both.
Now with so much storage you might want to use your SDHC card as a backup card. But be careful! As the SDHC driver is stored in the normal internal memory of your Palm device it will be deleted when you perform a hardreset. Then you won’t be able to read your SDHC card and you can’t restore your backup. So you have to keep a copy on a normal SD card or on an other device. Otherwise your backup is unreachable! As an alternative you can flash the driver into the ROM of your device. But don’t forget to add you license key as the driver won’t run without it!
If you want to try the SDHC driver on your device you can download a 9-days trial key from the author’s website. After the trial period you can still access your SD card – but with a speed of 50 kB/sek and in read-only mode. The full version costs $20.95 and can be purchased through the developer’s homepage.
At the moment the following devices are supported, others might follow:

  • Tungsten T|C
  • Tungsten E2
  • Tungsten T|5
  • LifeDrive
  • Palm TX
  • Zire 31
  • Zire 72
  • Download PowerSDHC
    Download PowerSDHC trial key

    The Treo 650 is now four years old – if you use your device every day the default casing may get scratches e.g. at the back. Even if your Treo looks brand new you might be interested in this:
    Changing the default silver case to a better looking, more modern black one!
    After the transformation your 650 will look like this:
    100 2266 266x200 Give your Treo a completely new outfit!

    All you need is the Treo 650 replacement housing from Brando, a Torx T5 screwdriver, time, and a few skills for disassembling the device (don’t worry – it isn’t that hard).
    The replacement housing consists of several parts like the front/back cover, a new keyboard keypad (US-Layout), a new antenna etc.
    100 2228 266x200 Give your Treo a completely new outfit!

    At first shutdown the Treo’s phone, remove the battery, the SD card, the stylus and the SIM card.
    Disassembling the Treo is easy: unscrew the screws on the back (don’t forget the two screws under the antenna – you have to remove the rubber pieces before)
    100 2231 ed 266x200 Give your Treo a completely new outfit!

    Then remove the antenna and open the case carefully. Now you should have something like this:
    100 2233 266x200 Give your Treo a completely new outfit!

    Take the original (back-) case and move evertything to the replacement case (only if it isn’t there already) – that shouldn’t be that difficult.
    100 2234 266x200 Give your Treo a completely new outfit!
    (left: old case; right: new case)

    Next we prepare the front cover:
    Disassemble it carefully and remove the screws which press the electric board onto the orignial keys in the original case. Then apply the new keyboard into the new housing. Attention: If you have a non-US-layout you can use your old keypads as well (so did I as I’m having a german keyboard layout)! Make sure that all keys fit well into their holes. In the next step you can apply the board from the old case onto the new one.
    100 2237 266x200 Give your Treo a completely new outfit!
    (you can see the electric board attached on the right part (the white thingy under the screen))

    Now put the device back together. Before you close the case completely check the keyboard and all other buttons again. It might be that some keys moved or can’t be pressed down completely. If everything is correct install the antenna, close the case and fasten the screws.
    Insert the SD card, the stylus, and put the battery back in. Don’t forget to exchange your SIM cards – but be careful: the replacement SIM car holder sat very, very firmly in my Treo so that I couldn’t remove it with out opening the device again. So I decided not to exchange my SIM card holder.
    After all your Treo should look like this:
    100 2243 266x200 Give your Treo a completely new outfit! 100 2245 266x200 Give your Treo a completely new outfit! 100 2246 266x200 Give your Treo a completely new outfit!

    Before you are finished you should test if your Treo behaves normal:
    Power it up, turn on the phone (to test the antenna) and open a memopad and test the keyboard if all keys are working. To test the speaker and the microphone you can phone somebody or you can record a voicememo and play it over the speaker. And finally don’t forget the camera!
    If everything is OK you have got a brand new, very good looking Treo 650!

    To mod your Treo you need the Treo 650 replacement housing. It is available at Brando for 42$.

    The Brando Treo 650 replacement housing at

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    There are a lot of keyguard replacements for Treo and Centro devices. But what when you want to keep the default keyguard an you just need some more information displayed? Then TopGuardEx or TopSignalOnKeyguard by RNS:: might be the solution!
    Both applications enhance the default Treo/Centro keyguard with several information. Using the programs ist very simple.
    TopSignalOnKeyguard adds the signal status symbol to the keyguard.

    rns0004 150x150 Improve your Treo/Centro keyguard!

    Installing and configuring is very easy. Just install it via Hotsync etc and run it. It will install itself in the system – enhancing your keyguard from now on.
    rns0002 150x150 Improve your Treo/Centro keyguard!

    If you want, TopSignalOnKeyguard can hide itself from the PalmOS launcher.

    rns0003 150x150 Improve your Treo/Centro keyguard!

    That was it – no other steps are required here.
    If you want more information than just the signal status then you need TopGuardEx.
    TopGuardEx adds additional items such as Bluetooth state, battery level or a clock.
    After installing the software you will find it in the preferences panel. In the settings window you can customize your keyguard.

    rns0000 150x150 Improve your Treo/Centro keyguard!

    Here you can decide what to show. Bluetooth state, phone signal and battery level can be shown at the same time while the clock can only be displayed alone. Clock + Battery e.g. doesn’t work.
    So your keyguard can look like this:

    rns0001 150x150 Improve your Treo/Centro keyguard!

    Or like this:

    rns 150x150 Improve your Treo/Centro keyguard!

    In that way you can see the most important information just on power-on. There is no need to switch to the launcher in order to check your system status which is very annoying when you are working in another app. Just switch on your Treo/Centro and voilà – there it is.

    If you want to have a look on your own at these applications, just visit the developer’s homepage and get the trial!
    The full version costs $4.95 (TopSignalOnKeyboard) and $9.95 (TopGuardEx). You can get it via e.g. Mobihand.

    TopSignalOnKeyboard at MobiHand (Download Demo and purchase)
    TopGuardEx on (Download Demo and purchase via serveral vendors)

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